Our Vision

The New Blueprint

Pella Church has gone through a season of asking about and reflecting upon our ministry. We have focused on the question, ‘what is God calling us to do in this next season of ministry?’ A small group from the church has been asked to lead Pella through this re-visioning process. They have been diligent and devoted to answering really hard questions about Pella’s past and future, our needs and desires.

From this group’s conversations, prayers, and discernment came our ministry plan called, ‘The New Blueprint’.  This ministry plan is driven by our vision statement, ‘Building relationships to impact the kingdom for His glory’.

The New Blueprint lays out a vision for building, establishing, and growing relationships with God, our neighbors, and ourselves. At Pella, we believe relationships are really important. God calls us to be in relationships, because, without relationships, it’s hard to truly understand what it means to be apart of the kingdom of God on earth.

Now that we can understand what God’s vision is for Pella, we continue to ask questions about how to implement The New Blueprint in all areas of our ministry.

So far, new and exciting things have grown out of our vision. We have started to see a renewed excitement in our adult education classes as we learn about growing in relationships. Our Connect@Pella events have taken shape as we open up our church on Wednesday nights during the summer to provide people with an opportunity to build community. And, we have developed a Community Engagement team, whose sole purpose is to focus on building relationships with people who don’t normally join us for worship on Sunday mornings.

We fully believe building, growing and establishing relationships is what God is calling Pella to in this season of ministry.  We are excited to join God in His work as The New Blueprint takes physical shape.